Steps to Sign up!

1) You need Motivation !!!

2) The classes are designed with the idea that you will practice about 2 to 3 hours a day what is taught

3) An Internet Connection of +3 mbps

4) Materials - Paper and Pen or Pencil and a scanner if you wish to share your work 

5) Your first class should be Beginning Fundamentals (Because it is your education it is up to you if you would like to jump levels)

6) You must create a login Username and Password

7) Purchase the Class and follow the payment process to paypal.

(We use paypal so we never have to store your bank accounts or credit card numbers)

8) Wait for your payment to be cleared

9) Log into your class through the HRC and begin learning

10) Post your homework progress in the HRC and give and receive feedback.

11) When you are ready sign up for our Portfolio Review Program. (coming soon)

If you have a question you can email