Why Portfolio Art School?

At Portfolio Art School we are different. We concentrate on the Beginning Foundations first and program specific artistic applications second, giving students a much clearer path to become the artist they desire. Portfolio Art School is being guided by two of the top professional educators in the Animation Industry: Sheldon Borenstein and Dave Master. Our instructors at Portfolio Art School are vetted through the instructional teachings of these two men who overlook the school and other instructors we hire at Portfolio Art School.

It is Portfolio Art School's goal to bring every student the best chance of success for entering into college or studio of their choice, with strong artistic foundation principles students can grow and adapt to their college or career choices.

Who should take these classes?

Anyone who has a desire to learn how to draw, design, and paint should take these classes. Motivation is the only requirement.

Portfolio Art School is geared for students of all ages who want to pursue a studio career. But Portfolio Art School also fits the needs for most hobbyists.

It is important to note that there is an age requirement of 18 to make a purchase.

While Sheldon has been able to teach students as young as 6 years old we have found that distance learning without a physical instructor usually doesn't work out for children under the age of 13.

What should I take first?

Portfolio Art School is designed to be progressively taught the first course is Beginning Fundamentals. Each course builds upon the next, however we will not stop you if you wish to jump around. More advanced students who wish to start with Figure Drawing may.

*It is important to note that the basics of what is taught in the previously classes will not be covered in the next class

Can Portfolio Art School Replace a real physical Art College?

In terms of education Portfolio Art School goes beyond what most art schools and colleges teach fundamentally, so yes. However, Portfolio Art School is not accredited. All of Sheldons students are instructed to pursue a college education after high school and for his online students. There are certain situation in which having a degree is monumental to getting and holding a job.  It is possible for Artist to get a job in a studio without a degree. But these artist are not considered the norm.  You can not plan for what life will throw at you in the future  and having a degree just covers one more base

How come we don't teach with digital mediums?

In the art world today there is one fact. You must be able to translate your art skills to a digital medium. Portfolio Art School has chosen to ignore all digital mediums as a focus of study. The reason behind this is that when learning art you should only be struggling with the artistic principles being presented. When you add a digital medium in the mix we have found it not only hinders, but most the time stops a student from being able to study because they are not struggling to grasp the artistic concepts and the digital mediums at the same time.  We have found that it takes about 1 to 2 years of studying the art fundamentals to fully be able to do what you wish to do or 10,000 hours of study. In comparison it takes about a few weeks or a month to learn a digital medium properly.

What is the HRC?

When Sheldon first started this school online each student each week was given there own critique for each lesson. The price for each class at this level of attention was almost triple what it is now. With the HRC we moved from individual critiques to group sessions. Instead of being an individual education students can now share questions and work then comment on each others progress. Sheldon creates critique videos or extra demos based on the questions being asked. The HRC is meant to be a growing library of information to assist all online students.

Where was Sheldon taught?

Sheldon was personally taught by a brilliant artist named Glenn Vilppu. Glenn Vilppu is his personal mentor and lifelong friend. Sheldon started teaching alongside Vilppu at a very young age. He was able to obtain his first studio job at the age of 18 due to his solid foundation. Sheldon has spent most of his career inside the Warner Brothers and Filmation Animation Studio. Inside the studios he was lucky enough to study alongside with the best artist/animators of our time.

During his studio career he was asked numerous times to sit in on the Portfolio Review Board and trained other future employees and was asked frequently to travel to other studios (both in the United States and also other countries) to help train  employees in studio practices.

During this process he ran into man named  Dave Master. At the time Dave Master was setting up the first student to professional critics for high school and college art students. Since then Sheldon's involvement with Dave Master has been teaching all ages the knowledge he has gained from his experiences studying alongside some of the most influential artist ever since and has been the foundation to many of his students solid careers.

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